The residents in Long Island depend on having reliable garbage pickup that is affordable, and this is why they contact Winters Bros. Waste Systems for their garbage collection service in Oakdale. We are a locally owned and operated business with over sixty years in the waste management industry. We offer our residential and commercial customers with customized waste removal services, because we understand that everyone’s needs are different. We have more than 500 qualified and trained employees that have one goal in mind, and that is making a customer’s needs our priority. We provide a wide range of garbage pickup services to meet the needs of area homeowners.

Garbage Removal and Dumpster Rental Services

We provide a wide range of trash pickup services for our customers, which include:

  • Residential Trash Removal
  • Commercial Trash Pickup
  • Recycling
  • Roll Off Dumpster Rental
  • Twelve Transfer Stations
  • Dumpster Rentals
  • And much more…

We are committed to serving our customers with our outstanding services. We can solve all your waste removal problems with our trash pickup service.

Oakdale, New York

Oakdale is a small, charming hamlet in Suffolk County, New York with a population of 7,974. The town got its name from a tavern that was owned by Eliphalet Snedecor, which was founded in 1820. The oldest church on Long Island is the St. John’s Episcopal Church that was built in 1765 and is in this town. This charming town has something to offer everyone.

We serve Oakdale houses like these with our trash pickup infrastructure - Winters Bros

The Byron Lake Park in Oakdale is a favorite spot for residents and visitors. The Byron Lake Park has a large swimming pool with slides along with a lake where you can fish, feed the ducks, or just relax. There is a bridge that goes over the lake, so you can see the lake up close on the bridge. You can spend the day swimming, fishing, and having a picnic at the Byron Lake Park.

A popular event to attend in this town is the Christmas Boat Parade that occurs the last Saturday in November. The Christmas Boat Parade will be held on the Patchogue River and guests can sit on the banks and watch all of the boats decorated in holiday lights go by. There will be an appearance from Santa Claus and free cookies and hot chocolate will be served too. You can bring the entire family out to this exciting event and start your holiday shopping in downtown. There are a variety of merchants, boutiques, and shops that sells one-of-a-kind items that make the perfect gift. Oakdale has something special for everyone to enjoy.

Winters Bros. Waste Services is the best trash collection service in this town. We offer trash removal and recycling pick up that is catered to meet your needs. Give us a call today and schedule your garbage removal services today.

Bathroom Renovation Requires Quality Recycling

An engineer wanted to do some remodeling in his house, specifically the bedroom and the bathrooms. He called our Oakdale garbage collection service to see if we could recycle old piping and electrical materials for him, which of course is well within our capability. We let the engineer know that we specialize in recycling all materials. While discussing his recycling needs, the customer mentioned at length the renovations he was planning. Our staff member asked if he had decided to rent a roll off dumpster at some point, which he hadn’t yet done He was more concerned about recycling the electrical and piping materials.

Our professional staff member went over the different sizes of dumpsters that we provide, and together they decided that the 20 yard roll off dumpster would be perfect for his remodeling projects. He was really happy that we offered the dumpster rental information, and set up a time when we could deliver it to his home.

The roll off dumpster was delivered

We sent a roll off dumpster rental at this oakdale home - Winters Bros

The homeowner started removing the old pipes in the bathrooms and he put all these in the recyclable cart that we provided for him. The homeowner worked on his remodeling projects until he had them complete, then he called us, so we could remove the roll off dumpster from his property.

Our crew came out an hour after he called to retrieve the roll off dumpster and the customer was surprised to see us so quickly. The customer thanked them for coming out so fast. He said he was sure his neighbors would be glad to see the dumpster gone from his property and he was happy that he had gotten all the remodeling done. He was really thankful that our employees were very knowledgeable, because we provided him with the perfect size of dumpster as he had plenty of room to remove all the old trash and junk and place it in the dumpster. The customer also thanked the crew for picking up his recyclables in the cart each week as that always left him with an empty cart to continue to work on getting his remodeling done.

The customer must have been impressed with our services, because after the dumpster was removed the customer called the office the following day to start garbage collection service. He said that we were the professionals that homeowners could depend upon for the best trash removal.

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