The Winters Bros.’ team is #1.   At Winters Bros., our people are committed to protecting the environment while taking care of our customers.   We are working to make sure Long Island is clean and green!

Contact Information

Human Resources

Marco Gutierrez
HR Manager
Phone: 516-301-3504

Eugenio Rodriguez Bernald
HR Coordinator
Phone: 516-301-3546

Tim Corey
Manager of Safety/Compliance
Phone: 516-301-3539


Health Insurance Provider (UnitedHealthcare)

Member Services: 866-596-8447

Prescriptions (Express Scripts): 800-922-1557

Dental Insurance Provider (HealthPlex)

Group Number: L1AK00213Y

Member Services: 516-542-2200

Vision Insurance Provider (General Vision)

Company Group #: 8518

Member Services: 800-VISION-1

401K Contact

Union Employees – Prudential/Empower
Phone Number: 1-877-778-2100

Non-Union (Office Staff) – Principal

Phone Number: 800-986-3343

Employee Information

The following are important federal and state postings regarding employment.  These posters are also available for viewing at your workplace.

Employee Forms

The following are forms for Paid Family Leave, 401K, health insurance and vision insurance.