Recycling has so many benefits: improving the natural environment and public health, bolstering local economies, increasing resource conservation, and even creating jobs! Lucky for Long Island, Winter Brothers’ recycling efforts only grew in 2023, bringing these benefits to local communities.

Here at Winters Bros. Waste Systems, we understand recycling’s profound influence on local environments. With a commitment to revitalizing local communities, our acclaimed recycling solutions include cardboard, aluminum, and plastic, as well as organic waste management. And we don’t just offer these services to businesses! We’re also proud to provide trash collection to Long Island and beyond, bringing sustainability to residential communities. Let’s take a close look at how our waste reclamation services have expanded over the last year.

Our Statistics for Long Island Recycling in 2023

In 2023, Winters Bros. Waste Systems continued its impactful recycling efforts for Long Island communities while keeping useful materials out of landfills. The total 2023 amount recycled stands at 58,242 tons. Our efforts demonstrate a significant commitment to sustainable waste management, and this year’s achievements surpass national rates.
● Metal: 17,000 tons
● Plastic: 5,900 tons
● Paper: 35,000 tons

Our services have grown since last year! Let’s explore how.
This year, our waste management professionals recycled 33% more materials than last year, impacting the local environment even more. When you break it down, the cumulative increase from 2022 demonstrates substantial growth.
● Metal: Experienced a 17% increase.
● Plastic: Showcased an impressive 44% surge.
● Paper: Demonstrated a notable 41% expansion.

The percentage increases in Winters Bros.’ recycling figures from 2022 to 2023 outpace some of the national averages for similar materials. For instance, the national plastic rate has historically been lower than that of other materials, making Winters Bros.’s 44% increase particularly noteworthy.

Winters Brothers: Promoting Sustainability in Long Island

Our commitment to our local communities extends beyond numbers and figures. Our recycling programs include residential pickup, commercial and construction pickup, and organic waste composting. We want to bring all the benefits of sustainability to Long Island, but we need your help! Check out our guide to recycling and learn how to prepare materials for pickup and help keep your community clean!

Want to know how our sustainable waste programs can improve your community? Contact us for more information.