Homeowners and commercial property owners know that having reliable garbage collection service in Central Islip is important. Long Island residents always contact Winters Bros. Waste Systems, because we are a successful garbage pickup and recycling company that has been in business for over five decades. We provide our customers with reliable, cost effective, and environmentally responsible services. We have more than 500 qualified employees that care about our customers. We provide a wide range of trash removal services to meet our customers’ needs.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental and Trash Removal Services:

We are a full-service waste removal service:

  • Residential Garbage Collection Service
  • Commercial Trash Pickup
  • Dumpster Rentals
  • Recycling
  • Roll Off Dumpster Rental
  • Transfer Stations
  • And much more…

We provide fast and efficient trash pickup and recycling. We have over twelve transfer stations along with six recycling centers to meet our customers’ needs. We can even customize a waste removal program that will meet the needs of each customer.

Central Islip, New York

Central Islip is a hamlet in New York. The population is 34,450. The Algonquin Native-American tribe and the Secatogue tribe were the first inhabitants of this area that became Central Islip. The Long Island Rail Road expansion occurred in 1842, which prompted the Suffolk County Station to open. Aaron Stuckman arrived in the area and the land was named after him, but in 1873 the Central Islip Station was built and this became the new name of the hamlet.

We serve this neighborhood in Central Islip with our garbage pickup service - Winters Bros

There are plenty of exciting things to see and do here. The Central Islip Psychiatric Center was first opened in 1889 and by 1955 the psychiatric center housed over 10,000 patients. The psychiatric center closed in 1996, but this landmark can be visited with tours that is offered daily. If you enjoy museums, then you can stop by the Islip Town Firefighters Museum where you can learn about the history of the town and the fire departments history. The Willow Rock Farm is another family friendly activity. If you would like to learn how to ride a horse, then you can do it here.

If you enjoy roller hockey, then you can visit St. John of God Cyo Roller Hockey. You and your family can learn how to roller hockey and play a game or two. There are many fun and exciting things to see in this town. There is adventure, relaxation, and beauty to enjoy.

Our company is the recycling and garbage pickup service for residents in this town. We are committed to providing competitive rates and unbeatable services. If you would like to know about our waste removal services, then give us a call today and one of our trained staff members will assist you.

Recycling Issues Solved

Winters Bros. received a call from a local doctor. The doctor was needing to have better recycling services after he did some research on his current trash pickup company. He discovered that if he didn’t sort his recycling it would end up in the landfill along with all his other trash, which was disturbing to the doctor. This was even after having a call with them where they assured him that single sort was fine. He knew that this type of recycling was not good enough for his practice or his patient’s privacy rights, so he had to change his Central Islip garbage collection service immediately.

He contacted us and after a short conversation with a staff member at Winters Bros. Waste Services he realized that our infrastructure was far better than his current company. Our staff member informed him that our single stream recycling allows our customers to dispose of all their recyclables into the recyclables cart and we take care of the rest. Our crew will take the recyclables to one of our state of the art transfer stations, then the recyclables are sorted properly, which means less waste at the landfills. Our staff member also let the doctor know that we also provide on-site paper shredding, which is a beneficial to doctors, lawyers, and all professionals. We would come to your location and shred all important papers on your property, so you know that these papers are shredded and destroyed, so patients and clients personal information will never be seen. When the doctor heard all of these services he knew we were the trash removal company he needed, so he signed up with our garbage collection service at that moment.

Garbage removal was scheduled to start in Central Islip.

Central Islip recycling problems solved with our garbage removal service - Winters Bros

Just as we promised the customer our team arrived to pick up the trash at the customers office on time. The crew picked up the trash and the recyclables and a few days later the crew returned to do the on-site shredding for the customer. Each week from then on the crew always arrived right on the dot on the day that the trash removal was scheduled and the office employees told the doctor how they could count on us coming at the same time each week as the crew was never late. The doctor was very impressed with this, and he asked how the on-site shredding went and his office employees said that every document was shredded in front of them and then our crew took the shredded documents to be recycled, which pleased the doctor.

We gave the customer a call after we had provided service to him for a few weeks to see how he liked our services. The customer said he was very impressed with our crew’s professionalism and prompt trash removal, and he was happy that he switched garbage collection services to us.

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