Long Island is facing a crisis. Within the next four years we will run out of space to put the one million tons of garbage Long Islanders produce annually. If we don’t act now to find a viable solution, more trucks will be on the roads, increasing traffic and air pollution to move garbage from one place to another. Rush hour delays will continue to grow, negatively impacting our economy and costing you precious time. That’s why Winters Bros., the area’s leading waste management firm, has embarked on a project to help Long Island solve these problems and build for the future.


Bringing the Future to Long Island: Brookhaven Rail and the Winters Rail Terminal

Brookhaven Rail is the Rail carrier developer of the project and is creating a cost-effective and environmentally sound solution to ensure a seamless transition when the Brookhaven Landfill reaches capacity in 2024 and ultimately closes. Taking into account environmental concerns and supply chain efficiencies, Brookhaven Rail’s plan is to develop a sustainable and eco-friendly industrial park and dedicated railway to manage waste, reduce pollution, create jobs and attract new businesses to Long Island.

The Winters Rail Terminal is thoughtfully designed to benefit Long Island. Keeping the community in mind, the new railway offers an eco-friendly alternative to trucking by reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality. The Winters Rail Terminal, on 228 acres in Yaphank, will include a solid waste rail transfer facility, industrial park with warehouse facilities and green space for conservation. The planned project, expected to break ground in 2021, will also bring thousands of construction and permanent jobs to the Island and help attract new businesses to relocate here.


Old Problems Need New Solutions

Brookhaven landfill


There is a solid waste disposal crisis on Long Island that will worsen with the planned closure of the Brookhaven Landfill in 2024. While the majority of Long Island’s waste is trucked off island to out-of-state landfills, the Brookhaven Landfill currently accepts approximately one million tons of construction waste, automobile fluff from metal shredders, and ash from incinerators. A cost-effective and environmentally sound solution is needed to manage the tons of waste Long Island residents and businesses produce daily.


Long Island Needs New Solutions for the Future

Overhead map of Brookhaven landfill


Brookhaven Rail LLC, is the rail carrier developer of the proposed Solid Waste Rail Transfer Facility (SWRTF) in Yaphank. The Facility will be built as part of a 228 acre development project that is located just north of the landfill, to take garbage off Long Island by rail, and provide an efficient solution for warehousing and distribution of goods and services to and from the region. The Solid Waste Transfer Facility will allow construction waste and solid waste to be processed and transported to distant landfills for proper disposal. Other companies and warehouses in the industrial park may take advantage of the rail system to transport goods and services on and off Long Island.


Rail Transport: The Greener Alternative

Winters rail car


Winters Bros. has invested in Brookhaven Rail line for both logistic and sustainable reasons. Nearly 20% of freight in the Northeast is moved by rail, but only 1% on Long Island. Trucking is expensive and new in-cab devices limit the number of on-road hours for truckers. As an alternative, rail transport is more efficient and environmentally friendly. One rail car can carry 100 tons of waste versus a single tractor trailer at 20 tons. In fact, each rail car on the Brookhaven Rail can take five trucks off the road, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.


Waste Transfer Station

Winters Bros. waste transfer station


A Solid Waste Rail Transfer Facility (SWRTF) will be built in the industrial park and will consolidate five solid waste operations into a single, indoor location. Situated on 40 acres within the industrial park, the SWRTF will include a residential drop-off and recycling center, scale house and a maintenance and repair facility.


Warehousing for the E-economy

warehousing for e-economy


Winters Bros. is preparing for Long Island’s future with an ambitious plan to handle solid and construction waste, and promote recycling. But that’s not all. The industrial park will also provide a warehouse and distribution center to address the need for high-tech, high-speed and last-mile warehousing as a result of increased e-commerce. The industrial park’s state-of-the-art facilities will create thousands of jobs and position Long Island as the most advanced resource for warehousing and transportation of goods in the region.


A Commitment to Sustainability



In addition to the Solid Waste Rail Transfer Facility and warehouses, almost 30% of the 228 acres has been set aside as a conservation easement to preserve open space. Brookhaven Rail and Winters Bros. are working to protect the environment by properly managing society’s waste, growing recycling rates, investing millions in rail transport and building infrastructure now for the future. Winters Bros. is helping Long Island become cleaner, greener and more sustainable.


A Family Legacy for the Generations to Come

Winters family


The Winters family has been serving Long Island since 1950 with a focus on environmental sustainability, recycling, waste management and complex logistics. The new rail terminal and industrial park will provide a critical and necessary infrastructure to serve Long Island for generations to come. It will leverage Winters Bros. superior knowledge, ensure quality service and demonstrate absolute dedication to sustainability and community interests.


To find out more about Winters Bros., Brookhaven Rail and the Winters Bros. Rail Terminal, please visit wintersrailterminal.com