Recently, a homeowner in our area was getting really tired of their old Bayport garbage collection service picking up the trash in the late afternoon. She wanted a more reliable trash pickup, so she called Winters Bros. Waste Services to see if our route was earlier. As it turns out, we were able to serve her more consistently and allow for single-sort recycling, which she was thrilled about.

When the homeowner contacted us we let her know that we did indeed provide an earlier route collection and our customers can set their clock around our dependable garbage removal. Our crew arrives at the same time each and every week and we let her know that if she was unable to put her cart to the curb to just let us know and our crew would retrieve it for her. The homeowner was pleased to hear this news and wanted to start garbage collection service the following week and give us a try.

The waste removal was scheduled for pickup

We provided great service at this bayport home - recycling and more

The customer had her cart set out first thing in the morning the day her collection was set to start. Our crew was there on time as we said we would be there. The crew emptied the cart and the single stream recycling. The customer noticed that we arrived bright and early in the morning as we stated we would arrive. The following week the customer put out her garbage and recycling and our crew arrived at the exact same time and emptied everything. The customer was very impressed with our trash removal that she decided to call the office.

The customer told the office representative that she would like to continue her waste removal services with us, because she had been using our services for a few weeks and each and every week we arrived at the exact time in the morning and the crew made sure that they never left any rubbish on the ground. She was very pleased with the services that we provided for her and she was happy that she finally found a garbage collection company that would come early in the morning and the same time each and every week. Another benefit with our services that she really liked was the single-sort recycling. She said this allows her to recycle more items without worrying about separating each and every recyclable item. The customer said Winters Bros. Waste Services is the best garbage collection service around.