Two weeks ago, Winters Bros. Waste Systems was contacted by an avid skier in Long Island. The customer was wanting a small outfitting station that he could get to on the side of his house set up. The construction project required a Long Island dumpster rental that could hold all of the trash and materials that would be created from the project. Once they contacted Winters Bros. Waste Systems and discussed the needs of the dumpster, the customer knew immediately that he called the best company.

The Winters Bros. Waste Systems dumpster rental representative discussed the scope of the project to determine the correct size for the container, then set up the delivery of the dumpster for the customer. The crew delivered the dumpster and the construction foreman showed the crew where to sit it. The construction crew continued the project and when it was finished the customer called us to come out and get the dumpster, which the crew did that very same day. The construction foreman was impressed that we were so timely with delivery and pickup of the dumpster, then asked the homeowner how much the rental cost, and was surprised on how affordable it was. The homeowner did not regret calling Winters Bros. Waste Systems for the dumpster rental Long Island homeowners could appreciate and let us know that if he ever needed another dumpster he would contacted us again. We delivered the dumpster when he needed it, then picked it up quickly when they called us.