A television producer needed a room remodel in his home after acquiring a very nice desk that belong to a historical figure he admired. The producer didn’t want to put this precious piece of furniture in his dreary basement, so he figured he would go ahead and have the basement remodeled so he could have an office there and his desk would look stunning in it as well. He needed the best 10 yard roll off dumpsters Suffolk County could offer as the contractor he had hired specifically requested one.

The producer called Winter Bros. Waste Services as he asked the contractor who to call and he recommended our company. The team delivered the roll off dumpster that same morning that the customer called us. Once the remodel was completed the customer contacted us back and asked us if we could come pick it up as it was full and they were finished with it. The team returned and picked up the dumpster and asked the homeowner if there was anything else we could do for him. The homeowner knew he made the right choice of calling Winter Bros. Waste Services once the extremely convenient services were provided. The priceless desk has made its way in the newly remodeled space and looks amazing. The producer admires it every time he walks in the room. He said none of this would have been possible if it wouldn’t have been for the quality services from Winter Bros. Waste Services.