A venture capitalist in Patchogue wanted to update a barn on his property so he could have a lofted workspace. He had been working around his property for several years doing different updates and remodels. There was a lot of junk in the barn so the man needed to clear it out. He rented a spacious 20 yard roll off dumpster in Patchogue that was provided by Winters Bros. Waste Systems, which was the first and only company he called.

From his experience with developers in the area he knew that we were the best trash company in Long Island, so he knew he didn’t need to call around to other trash companies. In the past when he was working around his property and  needed a professional dumpster rental provider he  would always contact Winters Bros. Waste Systems, and each and every time the crew would bring out the precise size of roll off dumpster. When he was done with the dumpster all he had to do was make a call and our crew would come out immediately and pick it back up. One thing that always impressed this customer in Patchogue was that the staff always had a great recommendation for the size of dumpster he would need depending on his project. The professional investor mentioned that he tells everyone who needs a roll off dumpster in Patchogue to contact us because we are the number one professional trash company and waste service provider in the industry.